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Many video games from the 3rd and 4th generations of game consoles (Sega Mega Drive, Atari etc.) inspired the story and style of 2D. In fact, some games are directly referenced in the film, see if you can identify them!


Take a step back in time with these playthrough videos of classic games which informed the making of 2D.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2

One of GameLand's most popular characters was offered a sequel in 1992. The pace and speed of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, as well as its exotic, colourful locations, helped to make it surpass the quality of the original game, and brought a new level of excitement to gamers everywhere.


The lesser known game Quackshot, released by Sega in 1991, shows how the Walt Disney Company nailed the family adventure game template back then. One of the House of Mouse's iconic characters, Donal Duck, embarks on a treasure-hunting adventure spanning all continents. For all its cuteness, the main character's weapon - a plunger shooter - does make the game also rather quirky.

Street Fighter

Now here is a true Oldie-but-Goldie. The 2-people fight format established by Street Fighter is so memorable, that the game has become iconic in its own right. The success of the original game (1987) spawned a whole franchise of games, and eventually transcended the small screen, as it was later adapted into a Hollywood movie in 1994, starring the Muscles from Brussels Jean-Claude van Damme. The legacy of Street Fighter in the gaming industry is undisputable; there is probably not one 'battle level' in any game which owes something to it.

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